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Ireland Airports & Ferry Ports

Find B&B Accommodation Near Irish Airports & Ferries

If your travelling to or from Ireland it may be convenient for you to stay near and Airport or Ferry Port. Below is a list of Irish Airpots and Ferries - click the button next to the port to list B&B / Hotel accommodation nearby.

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dublin airport Dublin Airport: Operated by the Dublin Airport Authority the airport is a little over 5 Miles (9Km) from and north of the city centre. Although the airport is not far from the city centre, heavy traffic throughout the day can mean major delays for those traveling to the airport. If you are staying in Dublin on the day before your departure, it is recommended that you select from the list of B&Bs near the airport (usually less than 15 mins).
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cork airport Cork Airport: Ireland's 3rd biggest International Airport after Dublin and Shannon is situated 4 Miles (6.5Km) from and south of the city centre. Under normal circumstances you can get to the airport in under 30 mins from any part of the city. However avoid rush hour in the morning and evening or allow up to one hour during this time. Select a B&B that is listed in our Cork airport section.
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shannon airport Shannon Airport: Ireland's 2nd biggest International Airport after Dublin is situated around 15 miles ( 24Km ) from Limerick city centre and 14 miles ( 22 KM ) from Ennis. Destinations include various USA airports, London, Paris and other European cities. Access to the airport improved in 2011 with the opening of the Shannon Tunnel - this avoids Limerick city centre.
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kerry airport Kerry Airport: Often called 'Kerry International Airport' it is located at Farranfore halfway between Tralee and Killarney. Driving time from these two towns is around 20-30 minutes but there is good B&B accommodation closer to the airport. Due to unpredictable driving times, those visiting North Kerry, Dingle or the Ring of Kerry should consider staying near the airport on the day of departure.
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sligo airport Sligo Airport: As a small regional airport connecting to Dublin twice daily, it is easy to forget that Sligo airport is the gateway to a beautiful region of Ireland, so much of which is unspoilt. Simple book in procedures oblige passengers to arrive at least 30 minutes before their flight leaves.
Galway Airport: Located approximately 5 miles ( 8Km ) from Galway City centre, the airport provides flights to Dublin, Waterford and major UK cities. Car Rental Galway Airport Flying into Galway is a major convenience when visiting the west coast of Ireland and an essential part of the journey for those traveling to the unspoilt beauty of the Aran Islands.
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Ireland west airport knock Ireland West Airport Knock: The airport is an important link for county Mayo and for pilgrims visiting the Knock shrine which is 10 miles ( 16 Km ) south west. Scheduled flights to / from many UK cities and charter flights to holiday destinations in Europe
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donegal airport Donegal Airport: A small regional airport with flights to Dublin and UK Cities and about an hours drive from the centres of Letterkenny and Donegal.
waterford airport Waterford Airport: Waterford Airport is the only airport located in the South East of Ireland.
aran islands airport Aran Islands Airport:
 belfast airport Belfast International Airport:
 George Best Airport George Best Airport:
 derry airport City of Derry Airport: Located approximately 7 mile northeast of the city, the airport provides scheduled flights to Dublin, major UK cities and charter flights to holiday destinations in Europe.

Ferry Ports

Dublin Port Ferry Dublin Port Ferry:
Cor Swansea Ferry Cork - Swansea Ferry:
Dun Laoghaire Ferry Dun Laoghaire Ferry:
Rosslare Ferry Rosslare Ferry:
Belfast ferry Belfast Harbour:
Larne Ferry Larne Ferry: